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Dental care abroad is at the forefront of the media. Not a week goes by without a TV, radio, or magazine report on the advantages or disadvantages of going abroad for dental care.

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Before becoming the Irish representative of Helvetic Clinics, I was a patient. Discover my story as a patient at Helvetic Clinics.

Why seek dental care abroad?                 

 The cost of dental care

Depending on the country you choose and your country of residence, you can save between 40% and 70% on your dental care. Helvetic Clinics Budapest is based in Hungary, where the cost of living is, on average, 50% lower than in other Western European countries.

Best dental clinic in Hungary

Rated best dental clinic in Hungary since 2014 by GCR*

Quality dental treatment at fair prices

Save up to 60% in Hungary with Helvetic Clinics

Competence of dentists abroad

Helvetic Clinics employs only highly qualified personnel and dentists who are specialists in each of the modern dentistry disciplines—implantology, odontology, periodontics—so it is likely that several specialists will intervene in your mouth over the course of your dental care, especially for a complex dental restoration.

Choice of dental materials Dental implants, crowns, ceramics, composites … The best dental clinics abroad, such as Helvetic Clinics, use only the best internationally recognized materials without ever compromising on quality. Among other things, this enables us to offer our patients the most extensive guarantees of all dental clinics.

Equipment modernization and time saving The quality of the dental equipment at Helvetic Clinics allows you to carry out your treatments in a minimum of time. 3-D scanner, prosthesis laboratory—everything is located on-site under the same roof. Thus, what would take a traditional dentist months to do often takes only a few days abroad at Helvetic Clinics. Dental care abroad for whom?

Last year, Helvetic Clinics Hungary treated dental patients in Budapest from more than 32 countries. Whether you know what is going on inside your mouth or you have no idea, Helvetic Clinics offers a free consultation and diagnosis before you commit to choosing our clinic for your care. The majority of our patients receive complex dental restoration work, but we also replace unsightly amalgam fillings with composites and treat simple cavities. Dental care abroad why? Our dental clinics’ prices are considerably lower than those charged by the majority of dental clinics in Europe. However, many patients also come on the recommendation of a loved one who has noted the quality or speed of our dental care.

Helvetic Clinics

Dental clinic and hotel in the same building in Budapest

Free consultation package

Package – treatment plan, X-ray, airport transfer and night at hotel

Dental travel to Budapest? At Helvetic Clinics Hungary, we generally do not spend more than two hours per day on a patient. This allows you to rest in the meantime but also to visit Budapest at your leisure. For your convenience, our dental clinics generally share the same premises as a hotel, allowing you to access your room directly after treatment.

Our dentists Our dentists attend international conferences and trainings to remain at the forefront of dental science. No member of our staff is a salesperson or is affiliated with a particular dental brand. Regardless of your case, you will be presented with a list of options, each of which will be explained clearly to you so that you can decide for yourself.

The dentists at Helvetic Clinics are not required to work long hours or fill quotas. None of our dentists works more than six hours a day, and each is required to rest for 20 minutes between cases. This ensures your safety and is essential for the well-being of your dentist. We are able to minimize working hours for our dentists by providing them with leading-edge equipment that reduces care time.

Our dental team is led by Peter and Laszlo Lukacs, two brothers who gained extensive experience at some of the most prominent dental clinics in Hungary. These young men have placed tens of thousands of crowns, bridges, and implants—numbers that probably rival those of any local career dentist.

Our dental clinic in Hungary Everything about our facility, from the people to the equipment and materials to our in-clinic lab, has been painstakingly selected to offer our clients an extraordinary level of care. You would be hard-pressed to find a superior dental clinic in Europe or anywhere in the world. Helvetic Clinics covers more than 800 square metres and features modern touches down to the last detail. Within our space, you will find:

  • 16 treatment rooms, including three blocks dedicated entirely to dental surgery
  • An imaging centre with a 3D scanner and panoramic radiography
  • A dental prosthetics lab
  • State-of-the-art sterilization equipment
  • Only proven innovations in equipment and products
  • A double power supply from TWO electric companies
  • A large team of dental specialists All this in a luxurious, relaxing, eco-friendly setting you will not find anywhere else in Europe.

Why choose Helvetic Clinics for your dental care abroad?

  • The price of our dental care
  • The quality of care we provide
  • Some of the most substantial guarantees on the market
  • On-site accommodations
  • Rapid implementation of care
  • The reputation of our dentists
  • The quality of our facilities

Dental treatment abroad

7,000 satisfied patients / year From 32 countries

World Accreditations

ISO 9001 – Treatment Abroad – Global Clinic Rating (GCR)


Why don’t we provide local consultation? Some dental clinics in Hungary use local consultations done by local third parties dentists as a sales tool. A local dentist would provide you only with an estimate of the treatment you might need. Any serious dentist or dental clinic will confirm the need to see the patients before any diagnosis. To ensure that the proposed estimate is correct, we suggest visiting us on-site in Budapest. Here, you will be able to speak with several specialists and receive an accurate diagnosis. At Helvetic Dental Clinics we strongly believe that the team of dentists taking the responsibility of providing you with a consultation and a diagnosis should be the same as the one conducting your dental treatment. Would you want a dentist establishing a treatment plan for you before even seeing you? We don’t believe it is a serious alternative. Nevertheless If you send us a panoramic X-ray, we may be able to provide you with an estimate. 

Free consultation package: just invest 24 Hours of your time to get an accurate free quote and diagnosis from one of the world leading dental clinics. Free consultation package includes:

  • Free night at one of our partner hotels in Budapest
  • Plane ticket refunded (under conditions)
  • Free Consultation in Helvetic Clinics Budapest (Hungary)
  • Free Panoramic X-Ray
  • Free transfers to and from the Budapest airport

After your free consultation it is your call to :

  1. Start your dental treatment immediately (we will then reimburse you your plane ticket*)
  2. Fly back to Ireland with an exact quote from Helvetic Clinics valid 6 months, you can choose to come later (or not).

So simple, just pick a date, contact us to check availability, jump in a plane and we will take care of all the rest.

* Conditions of refund of your plane ticket: If you start your dental treatment in the first six months following your initial on site consultation, we will repay the cost of your original flight up to a maximum amount of € 180 (£130), as long as your dental treatment cost exceeds € 1,800 (£1.300).

Did you know? Global Clinic Rating is an independent organization that documents and evaluates more than 130,000 dental clinics worldwide. GCR has recognized our dental clinic, Helvetic Clinics Budapest, as the best dental clinic in the world for two consecutive years (2015–2016). Should you have any further question about any aspect of Helvetic Clinics, please fill out our contact form. You can request more information, a quote, or a free consultation. We look forward to seeing you smile!

  • You haven’t been to the dentist for 5 or more years?
  • You visited a dentist in Ireland but the cost of the dental implant treatment plan was more than you expected? (or simply know that it will be too much even without visiting the dentist?)
  • You had difficulty finding a good local implant dentist?

Helvetic Dental Clinics, you deserve the best ! 

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