I have firsthand experience with Helvetic Clinic, who helped me a few years ago in a time of great need. Due to a lot of stress, I started grinding my teeth so much that one of them broke and became very infected. My dentist in Ireland couldn’t help me and told me I needed to see a dental surgeon and then another specialist for implants. When I called for appointments, every slot was at least 5 months away!

I knew waiting that long would make things worse, possibly even affecting my eye and facial nerves. So, I looked for help outside of Ireland and I found a Helvetic Clinic in Budapest. They could literally see me in two weeks, but it took me a month to get there. By then, my gums were so badly infected that I needed two teeth removed. If I had waited 5 months, it could have been much worse.

My treatment included dental implants, porcelain crowns, three extractions, a sinus lift, and root canal treatment – all done in one place by different specialists without the need to be referred from one to another and being put on long waiting lists and paying consultation fees with each visit.

The clinic was very clean and modern, and everyone was super professional. The staff at Helvetic Clinic were really kind and helpful. They explained exactly what they were going to do, how many visits I needed, and how much it would cost. They even arranged a free hotel stay for the first night with every visit, booked me in for the rest of my stay, and provided free x-rays and transfers to and from the airport. Everything was taken care of for me. All I had to do was book my flight.

I couldn’t be happier with the services they provided me and my friends, so now I am proud to represent them and be in a position where I can help people from Ireland find better, faster, and more affordable dental care.




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