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Dental care abroad is at the forefront of the media. Not a week goes by without a TV, radio, or magazine report on the advantages or disadvantages of going abroad for dental care.

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Why seek dental care abroad?                 

 The cost of dental care

Depending on the country you choose for your dental treatment abroad and your country of residence, you can save between 40% and 70% on your dental care. Helvetic Dental Clinics Budapest is based in Hungary, where the cost of living is, on average, 50% lower than in other Western European countries.

Best dental clinic in Hungary

Rated best dental clinic in Hungary since 2014 by GCR*

Quality dental treatment at fair prices

Save up to 60% in Hungary with Helvetic Clinics

Competence of dentists abroad

Helvetic Clinics employs only highly qualified personnel and dentists who are specialists in each of the modern dentistry disciplines—implantology, odontology, periodontics—so it is likely that several specialists will intervene in your mouth over the course of your dental care, especially for a complex dental restoration.

Choice of dental materials Dental implants, crowns, ceramics, composites … The best dental clinics abroad, such as Helvetic Clinics, use only the best internationally recognized materials without ever compromising on quality. Among other things, this enables us to offer our patients the most extensive guarantees of all dental clinics in Hungary.

Equipment modernization and time saving The quality of the dental equipment at Helvetic Clinics allows you to carry out your treatments in a minimum of time. 3-D scanner, prosthesis laboratory—everything is located on-site under the same roof. Thus, what would take a traditional dentist months to do often takes only a few days abroad at Helvetic Clinics.

Dental care abroad for whom?

Last year, Helvetic Clinics Hungary treated dental patients in Budapest from more than 32 countries. Whether you know what is going on inside your mouth or you have no idea, Helvetic Clinics offers a free consultation and diagnosis before you commit to choosing our clinic for your care. The majority of our patients receive complex dental restoration work, but we also replace unsightly amalgam fillings with composites and treat simple cavities. Dental care abroad why? Our dental clinics’ prices are considerably lower than those charged by the majority of dental clinics in Europe. However, many patients also come on the recommendation of a loved one who has noted the quality or speed of our dental care.

Helvetic Clinics

Dental clinic and hotel in the same building in Budapest

Free consultation package

Package – treatment plan, X-ray, airport transfer and night at hotel

Dental travel to Budapest? At Helvetic Clinics Hungary, we generally do not spend more than two hours per day on a patient. This allows you to rest in the meantime but also to visit Budapest at your leisure. For your convenience, our dental clinics generally share the same premises as a hotel, allowing you to access your room directly after treatment.

Our dentists in Budapest Hungary

Our dentists in Hungary attend international conferences and trainings to remain at the forefront of dental science. No member of our staff is a salesperson or is affiliated with a particular dental brand. Regardless of your case, you will be presented with a list of options, each of which will be explained clearly to you so that you can decide for yourself.

Dental treatment abroad

7,000 satisfied patients / year From 32 countries

World Accreditations

ISO 9001 – Treatment Abroad – Global Clinic Rating (GCR)


Why don’t we provide local consultation? Some dental clinics in Hungary use local consultations done by local third parties dentists as a sales tool. A local dentist would provide you only with an estimate of the treatment you might need. Any serious dentist or dental clinic will confirm the need to see the patients before any diagnosis. To ensure that the proposed estimate is correct, we suggest visiting us on-site in Budapest. Here, you will be able to speak with several specialists and receive an accurate diagnosis. At Helvetic Dental Clinics we strongly believe that the team of dentists taking the responsibility of providing you with a consultation and a diagnosis should be the same as the one conducting your dental treatment. Would you want a dentist establishing a treatment plan for you before even seeing you? We don’t believe it is a serious alternative. Nevertheless If you send us a panoramic X-ray, we may be able to provide you with an estimate. 

Free consultation package: just invest 24 Hours of your time to get an accurate free quote and diagnosis from one of the world leading dental clinics. Free consultation package includes:

  • Free night at one of our partner hotels in Budapest
  • Plane ticket refunded (under conditions)
  • Free Consultation in Helvetic Clinics Budapest (Hungary)
  • Free Panoramic X-Ray
  • Free transfers to and from the Budapest airport

After your free consultation it is your call to :

  1. Start your dental treatment immediately (we will then reimburse you your plane ticket*)
  2. Fly back to Ireland with an exact quote from Helvetic Clinics valid 6 months, you can choose to come later (or not).

So simple, just pick a date, contact us to check availability, jump in a plane and we will take care of all the rest.

* Conditions of refund of your plane ticket: If you start your dental treatment in the first six months following your initial on site consultation, we will repay the cost of your original flight up to a maximum amount of € 180 (£130), as long as your dental treatment cost exceeds € 1,800 (£1.300).

Did you know? Global Clinic Rating is an independent organization that documents and evaluates more than 130,000 dental clinics worldwide. GCR has recognized our dental clinic, Helvetic Clinics Budapest, as the best dental clinic in the world for two consecutive years (2015–2016). Should you have any further question about any aspect of Helvetic Clinics, please fill out our contact form. You can request more information, a quote, or a free consultation. We look forward to seeing you smile!

  • You haven’t been to the dentist for 5 or more years?
  • You visited a dentist in Ireland but the cost of the dental implant treatment plan was more than you expected? (or simply know that it will be too much even without visiting the dentist?)
  • You had difficulty finding a good local implant dentist?

Helvetic Dental Clinics, you deserve the best ! 

Is Helvetic Clinics Budapest the best dental clinic in Hungary? Click here to know more.

Discover what sets Helvetic Clinics Hungary apart from other dental clinics in Budapest. Our FAQ is packed with insider tips and information.

Is dental treatment abroad safe? 

Dental treatment abroad can be just as safe as receiving care in your home country, and Helvetic Dental Clinics in Hungary prioritizes patient well-being at every step. Our clinics utilize leading-edge technologies that adhere to strict European Union safety standards. Our dentists in Budapest are highly experienced and internationally trained, committed to providing exceptional care. We operate in a meticulously clean environment and use sterilized instruments to minimize any infection risks. Choosing a reputable clinic like Helvetic Clinics, with a proven track record of successful treatments and positive patient reviews, helps ensure you receive safe and effective dental care even when traveling abroad.

How much can I save on dental treatment abroad?

Dental treatment abroad, particularly at Helvetic Clinics, the best dental clinic in Budapest, offers substantial cost savings compared to many Western European countries and Ireland. Patients can typically save anywhere from 50% to 70% on treatments like dental implants, crowns, veneers, and complex restorations. This significant price difference is due to lower operating costs in Hungary, not a compromise on quality. Helvetic Clinics maintains exceptional standards of care while providing high-quality materials and advanced technology, resulting in exceptional dental treatment at a fraction of the cost you’d expect back home.

Which countries offer the best dental treatment abroad? 

When considering top destinations for dental treatment abroad, Hungary consistently ranks among the best choices. This is due to a combination of factors: Hungary boasts highly-qualified dentists trained to rigorous European standards, state-of-the-art dental clinics equipped with advanced technology, and a strong focus on patient care. The overall cost of living in Hungary is more affordable, translating to significant savings on dental services. Within Hungary, Helvetic Clinics in Budapest has earned a stellar reputation as one of the best dental clinics, known for its personalized approach, commitment to excellence, and consistent patient satisfaction.

How do I find a reputable dental clinic abroad? 

Research: Begin with online searches for clinics specializing in the treatment you need. Look for clinics with established websites showcasing their facilities, staff bios, and before-and-after photos.

Reviews: Read patient testimonials and reviews on platforms like Google and Trustpilot. Pay attention to detailed comments about the clinic’s cleanliness, staff professionalism, and overall treatment quality.

Certifications: Verify the clinic’s accreditations and its dentists’ memberships in reputable dental organizations. This indicates their commitment to maintaining high standards.

Communication: Contact the clinic directly to gauge their responsiveness and ability to answer questions clearly. A good clinic will offer personalized consultations pre-treatment.

Transparency: Look for transparent pricing and clear explanations of treatment plans.

Helvetic Clinics ticks all these boxes: a solid online presence, positive patient reviews, verifiable accreditations, excellent communication, and transparent pricing policies. These factors make it a reliable and trustworthy choice for your dental treatment abroad.

What are the risks of dental treatment abroad? 

Post-Treatment Complications: While complications can occur anywhere, being far from home might raise concerns. Helvetic Clinics stands out with exceptional aftercare, offering the highest guarantees among dental clinics in Hungary. We cover not only remedial work if needed but also reimburse your travel costs (up to 180€) and provide hotel accommodation for any necessary return visits.

Hidden Costs: Some clinics may have additional fees. Helvetic Clinics prioritizes transparent pricing, clearly outlining all costs upfront.

By choosing a reputable clinic like Helvetic Clinics, you significantly mitigate these risks, ensuring a safe, stress-free, and successful dental treatment experience abroad.

What kind of dental treatments are available abroad? 

A wide range of dental treatments are available abroad, including dental implantscrownsveneersteeth whitening, and various restorative procedures. Helvetic Clinics in Budapest is a one-stop shop, boasting expertise in all these areas. Their team of experienced dentists utilizes advanced technology to deliver exceptional results, whether you’re seeking dental implants for a complete smile makeover or cosmetic dentistry to enhance your appearance.

How long does dental treatment abroad take?

The duration of dental treatment abroad varies depending on the specific procedures needed. Here’s what you should consider:

Complexity of Treatment: Simple procedures like fillings or cleanings can often be completed in a single visit. More complex treatments like dental implants or full-mouth restorations may require multiple appointments spread over several days or months.

Lab Work: Procedures like crowns, bridges, or dentures involve lab fabrication, which adds to the overall treatment time. At Helvetic Clinics, you should consider a 5 days stay in Budapest for your Crowns and Veneers.

Healing and Recovery: Some procedures require a healing period between appointments.

Helvetic Clinics Advantage: Our dental clinic in Hungary understands time constraints and works efficiently to streamline treatment. We use advanced technology for faster procedures and collaborate closely with on-site dental labs to minimize wait times. Our team can provide personalized timelines based on your individual needs and help you plan your trip logistics accordingly.

Do dentists abroad speak English (or my language)? 

The language proficiency of dentists abroad varies by clinic and country. It’s crucial to choose a clinic where good communication is ensured. At Helvetic Clinics, you can feel confident that our dentists and staff are fluent in English, facilitating seamless communication throughout your treatment process.
Moreover, we go the extra mile by providing dedicated patient coordinators who are fluent in English to accompany you during your entire stay in Hungary. This ensures clear understanding, personalized support, and helps you navigate through every step of your treatment journey smoothly.

What are the travel and accommodation arrangements in Budapest like? 

Planning travel and accommodation is essential for a smooth dental treatment experience abroad. Here’s what you need to know, and how Helvetic Clinics simplifies the process:

Research: Investigate flight options to Budapest and compare prices from various airlines. Start booking early for potentially better deals.

Accommodation: Explore different hotels near the clinic. Consider factors like proximity, price, amenities, and online reviews.

Logistics: Understand transportation options like airport transfers, taxis, or public transport to get around the city.

Additional Costs: Factor in additional expenses like meals and any sightseeing you might want to do during your stay.

Helvetic Clinics Advantage: We offer a streamlined experience right from the start. Our dedicated team can assist you with travel and accommodation arrangements. Our driver will fetch you at Budapest Airport, and you have the convenience of staying at the 12 Revay Hotel, located within the same building as our clinic and dental lab. This centralized location saves you time, hassle, and additional costs.

Why is Budapest a popular destination for dental tourism? 

Budapest offers the perfect blend for dental tourism: top-notch dental clinics like Helvetic Clinics provide high-quality care at affordable prices, while the city itself is a charming European capital. Patients enjoy world-class dental treatment alongside a vibrant city break filled with stunning architecture, thermal baths, historical sites, and a lively food scene. This combination of affordability, quality treatment, and cultural allure makes Budapest an incredibly popular destination for dental tourism.

How do I choose a dental clinic in Budapest? 

Choosing the right dental clinic in Budapest is crucial for a successful and positive experience. Here’s what to look for, highlighting the strengths of Helvetic Clinics:

Certifications and Accreditations: Reputable clinics will proudly display their accreditations. Look for clinics certified by recognized organizations, demonstrating their commitment to quality and safety standards. Helvetic Clinics holds prestigious accreditations, including the Global Clinic Rating (GCR), where it’s consistently ranked as the best dental clinic in Hungary since 2014.

Dentist Qualifications: Research the dentists’ training, experience, and areas of specialization. Ensure they are certified and in good standing with professional dental associations.

Technology and Facilities: Modern clinics utilize advanced technologies for more precise diagnostics and treatments. Helvetic Clinics operates with state-of-the-art technology and a cutting-edge in-house dental laboratory.

Patient Testimonials and Reviews: Read online reviews from past patients on platforms like Google and Trustpilot. Look for consistent patterns of positive feedback, highlighting professionalism, quality of care, and overall patient satisfaction. Helvetic Clinics boasts a substantial number of reviews on Google with an exceptional 4.9-star rating.

Communication and Transparency: Choose a clinic with a patient-focused approach. They should be responsive to inquiries, explain procedures clearly, and offer upfront pricing without hidden costs.

Helvetic Clinics provides a reassuring choice based on its distinguished accreditations, expert dentists, advanced technology, exceptional patient reviews, and commitment to clear communication.

What is the quality of dental care in Budapest? 

Budapest boasts a remarkably high standard of dental care, often meeting or exceeding the quality found in many Western European countries and in Ireland. Here’s why:

Highly Trained Dentists: Hungarian dentists undergo rigorous education and training, ensuring a deep knowledge base and adherence to European standards of practice.

State-of-the-Art Dental Clinics: Top dental clinics like Helvetic Clinics invest in cutting-edge technology and materials, matching what you’d find in the most advanced dental practices worldwide.

Strict Regulations: Hungarian dental clinics must operate within strict EU regulations, guaranteeing patient safety, hygiene, and quality control.

Focus on Patient Care: Reputable Budapest dental clinics prioritize personalized care and patient comfort, creating a positive experience throughout your treatment journey.

Helvetic Clinics Reputation: Helvetic Clinics serves as a prime example of this. Their international recognition, accreditations like the Global Clinic Rating (GCR), and consistent track record of patient satisfaction reinforce the exceptional quality standards you can expect in Budapest.

Choosing a reputable dental clinic like Helvetic Clinics ensures you’re in the best hands for safe, effective, and top-quality dental care in Budapest.

Are there any hidden costs to dental treatment in Budapest? 

There should be no hidden costs to your dental treatment at Helvetic Clinics Hungary, as they promise the initial treatment plan price is final. However, potential unexpected expenses can still arise when getting dental work in Budapest. These include travel, accommodation, meals, and unexpected complications. It’s best to factor these additional costs into your budget for peace of mind.

How much time do I need to spend in Budapest for dental treatment? 

The amount of time you need in Budapest for dental treatment depends on the complexity of your procedures. Here’s a general breakdown:

Simple procedures: Fillings, teeth whitening, or routine cleanings can often be completed in a single, short visit.

Crowns and bridges: These usually require about a week for preparation, lab work, and fitting.

Implants: Helvetic Clinics emphasizes proper healing, so implants often need 2-3 trips. The first is for placement, then a healing period of several months, followed by a return trip for the final restoration.

Factors influencing time:

Number of treatments: More complex cases with multiple procedures will naturally take longer.
Healing time: Some procedures require healing periods between steps.

Always consult with Helvetic Clinics directly for a personalized timeline based on your specific treatment plan.

What is the recovery time for the dental treatments I’m interested in? 

Many dental procedures offered at Helvetic Clinics involve minimal downtime, enabling you to fly back home and resume work the very next day. However, it’s crucial to confirm this with the clinic based on your specific treatment plan. Factors like the complexity of the procedure and your individual healing rate will play a role in determining your recovery time.




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